Mission & Values

Our Mission:
Continuously design, develop, and deliver services that help our clients achieve their goals. We do this through ongoing investments in relationships, knowledge, skills, and experience that enhance our position as trusted advisors within our communities.

Our Vision and Values:
Our firm is a community where clients and staff feel understood and appreciated. We are growing our community by providing services that remain true to our core values and respond to evolving needs. This means:

  • We act with integrity.
  • Our innovative spirit is harnessed to continuously challenge the design, development, and delivery of excellent services.
  • We strive to earn the respect of the communities we serve and our place as a trusted advisor.
  • We ensure our team members apply balance in their lives to sustain our pursuit of excellence.


The Kruggel Lawton Women’s Initiative Network (KLWIN) was founded in 2018 as a way to bridge the gap between how men and women operate within their personal and professional lives. With women making up more than half of the Kruggel Lawton team, it was important for the firm to address recruitment, retention, and succession planning by focusing its efforts on women’s initiatives.

KLWIN Mission Statement – KLWIN exists to support initiatives that provide the women of Kruggel Lawton optimal personal and professional outcomes. We do this by building relationships, sharing our voices, and collaborating with our teammates.

While women are typically the majority in the accounting workforce, they represent less than 20% of partners in accounting firms worldwide. On January 1, 2018, Margene Zink, CPA, was elected the first female partner at Kruggel Lawton. Two years later on January 1, 2020, Shaun Mawhorter, CPA, was elected partner. As the number of women in leadership roles continues to grow within the profession, it’s important to note that Kruggel Lawton has an almost equal split of male and female managers and senior managers.

KLWIN continues to remove barriers in the workplace by using time and resources to focus on leadership development, mentoring and professional development.

KLWIN events and initiatives:


Steering Committee

  • Allison Allman, CPA
  • Jessica Keaton
  • Shaun Mawhorter, CPA
  • Ashley Meyerdierks
  • Brandi Rodriguez, CPA, CGMA
  • Margene Zink, CPA

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